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Funeral Home & Cremation Service Fairfax, VA

Comprehensive Information About Funeral Home and Cremations in Fairfax, VA

Funeral Choices is a funeral home and cremations in Fairfax, VA. After 10 years of service to the families of Chantilly and Alexandria, Virginia, Funeral Choices has come to be regarded as a community institution. Our caring and experienced professionals are here to support you through this difficult time. At Funeral Choices of Chantilly, we take great pride in caring for our families and will work tirelessly to provide you with a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one. In addition to the services we offer, you will receive an online memorial that you can share with family and friends. While honoring your loved one is our top priority, we also want to help you through this difficult time. We have a wide range of resources to support you not only today but in the weeks and months to come. Make sure to call us at 1-703-378-6896 or you may visit us at Old Town Funeral Choices, 1205 Belle Haven Rd, Alexandria VA 22307

When faced with a need for specifics about funeral home and cremations in Fairfax, VA, Funeral Choices has you covered. We created our website with careful attention to detail and a vast amount of digestible information to help you understand your options.

While a myriad of emotions often accompanies the need for our services, we hope that we can empower you to make the necessary choices before you in a safe and loving environment. You DO have choices about the disposition of your loved one’s remains, and we are here to guide you through.

Funeral Home And Cremations Fairfax, VA

Support for Specific Needs Throughout This Time of Life Changes

Funeral Choices is considered a full-service funeral home, and as such, we offer everything you might need in one place. This is a massive relief to our clients who don’t need more to do, more calls to make, or more costs to consider. Shop through us for urns, burial vaults, caskets, full-service funerals, customized memorial services, and flowers.

Grief support for the surviving family members is so important and often an afterthought. We will help you lay your loved one to rest. We also want to support you to continue your life in positive ways as you move toward healing in your appropriate timeline. Recognizing that your life will never be the same after this loss, we will offer options to connect you to ongoing resources, and we are committed to being there for our clients after the services are over.

Do I Really Need a Funeral Director?

The short answer is “yes” and resoundingly so. Like other event planners, funeral directors are available to handle all of the little details and help you navigate the mountain of decisions without feeling overwhelmed. Think of the peace of mind knowing someone is looking to all of that for you.

You benefit by having someone who sees to:

  • Streamlining paperwork and legal documents such as obituary and death certificates
  • Ordering of floral sprays, plants, and arrangements desired by the family
  • Arrangement for transportation of the deceased and any needed preparations for the remains
  • Coordinating services with the desired clergy
  • Transportation of family and close loved ones, as well as police escort if applicable
  • Navigating the local laws and ordinances surrounding burial, cemetery rules, or dispersal of ashes

Know Your Choices Regarding Funeral Home and Cremations in Fairfax, VA

As you are faced with needing funeral and cremation services, we can help find just the right arrangement for your unique circumstances. We hope that we can bring support to your experience during this time of grieving and make this time just a little bit easier. Part of how we do that is by offering your varied options to find just the right services for your situation.

Your choices include (but are not limited to):

  • Funeral services with a viewing, on or off-site funeral, casket burial
  • Graveside services
  • Cremation after funeral
  • Direct Cremation with or without a service
  • Memorial Services
  • Options for permanent memorialization

When choosing funeral home and cremations in Fairfax, VA, ask questions, and speak to your desires. We will accommodate you as much as we possibly can.

Funeral Home And Cremations In Fairfax, VA

Pre-Arrange for Services for Peace of Mind

Pre-planning services by selecting options for your own future needs is a fantastic way to invite peace of mind to yourself and your remaining loved ones. Sometimes people will opt to pre-plan well before the need is expected to arise-- much like purchasing life insurances.

Others won’t consider pre-planning unless there is an upcoming death. Perhaps a terminal illness is in the final stages, and so the conversation more naturally may arise. The motive to make arrangements can feel pressing at that time. Still, others realize after the sudden death of a loved one that this was even an option.

A simple place to start is our online Pre-Arrangement Form on our website. Options to receive a phone call or make an appointment to further the discussion is available if you wish to do more than the form. Prepayment of services is a great option to lock in the costs of services, particularly if there is no foreseeable need.

Create Digital Spaces to Honor the Dead

Technology has made the world a little smaller, and we are so thankful that there are options to help loved ones and friends connect from near or far. From webcasting live service options to creating obituary and tribute pages, we offer many choices. Our goal is to provide socialization and support for one another through these tender times, even if physically gathering is not a viable possibility.

Additionally, memorial styled tribute videos and photo slide shows are lovely ways to preserve memories and keep a history of a life well-lived. Grief experts recommend finding ways to connect and bring closure for the living after the passing of a loved one. In good times and bad, we are here to help achieve this outcome.

Reach Out for More Information

If you are curious about our services or if you find that you have an immediate need for a funeral home and cremations in Fairfax, VA, we invite you to reach out today and let us assist you in making the choices before you.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

Should I choose Burial or Cremation?

Burial in a casket is the most common method of disposing of remains in the United States, although entombment also occurs. Cremation is increasingly selected because it can be less expensive and allows for the memorial service to be held at a more convenient time in the future when relatives and friends can come together. Learn More.

Why have a Funeral?

One of the key advantages of burial option is that it offers a permanent grave site or mausoleum for families to visit. For several people, having a cemetery space where they can physically go to see their loved one helps in their mourning process. Learn More.

How do I start funeral arrangement?

  • Contact the deceased's legal representative.
  • Select a funeral home.
  • Choose a form of disposition.
  • Choose a service type.
  • Choose a location for the funeral service.
  • Find and schedule a clergy member or officiant.
  • Select a casket.
  • Select a burial container and/or vault.
  • Learn More.

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